Our Scope of

The impact of our projects are felt in diverse aspects of society.
We are constantly addressing key societal issues by using the
reformed media, mass advocacy, and public sensitization as strategic tools
for national transformation.
Impacting Academia
Initiating and sustaining excellent learning systems in mass communication
Transforming Journalism
Bringing global best practices to bare on the local scene
Gender Equality
Advocating for women to take their rightful place in nation building
Sustaining Democracy
Using the free media as a tool for promoting public transparency

Featured Projects

Here are a few of our numerous projects.
We work with various groups in various sectors to achieve a common goal.


Smart Classroom

With support from UNDP, we procured and delivered smart classroom equipment to the Mass Communication Department of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, in an effort to position the department as a Centre of Excellence in the country.
Classroom Chairs
Digital Camera
PA System
Classroom Tables

Training on Conflict Sensitive Reporting

This project strengthened the skills of 500 local journalists (including editors and station managers)
in media houses across Sierra Leone to provide professional media coverage
and conflict sensitive reporting of the 2018 multi-tier elections in Sierra Leone.

More Projects

Curriculum Review

We've worked with the Mass Communication Department,
Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra to produce a
reviewed curriculum that positions the department as a
Centre of Excellence in Media Education in the Sub-Region.
This Curriculum has been validated by the University of
Sierra Leone and is now in full operation.

Mentorship Project

In a bid to enhance efficient delivery of media services and content,
encourage specialized fields of reporting and to encourage
media professionals to adopt the codes of ethics as their guiding
principles in the practice of their trade, we run a mentoring
and coaching program for trainee journalists who serve as mentees
under highly professional and skillful journalists.

Peer Review Meeting

MRCG has introduced peer review meetings as a way of further
strengthening ethical and professional standards among 
the leadership of news providers in the country.
These Leaders of similar competence reviewe and critic their work 
with the aim of maintaining ethical standards, improving media
content and upholding professional credibility.

Media Situation Room

We set up a Media Situation Room (MSR) to receive, process and
analyze data and information from field monitors and to provide
real time information on the performance of the media during the
2018 elections. This project was driven by media personel trained
under the MRCG Conflict Sensitive Reporting training, and provided
actionable data that ensured ethical ournalism through out the elections.

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