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We are constantly seeking out volunteers who are willing to commit part of their time and skills towards a noble course. Usually, our field work requires a lot of planning, reconnaissance visits, data gathering and post-event follow ups. Having a ready ad hoc team on ground could sometimes spell the difference between success and failures for different projects. That is why we seek to build pockets of ready volunteers in various locations who will be on ground to facilitate the implementation of our projects alongside our team.

While we do not engage volunteers on a daily basis, we do have them on standby and notify them early enough when a project will be coming to their regions so as to commence the usual logistics. If you desire to join our pool of passionate volunteers, please fill the form provided and expect a response from our team.

Volunteer at MRCG
27 Pademba Road
Freetown, Sierra Leone
+232 76 866 519
+232 75 439 296
+232 99 575 025

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