The MRCG Structure

The MRCG Structure

MRCG is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and comprises nine key media institutions in the country. The MRCG is supervised by the Board which comprises two representatives of each constituent organisation. Member organisations must be, among other things, non-political and promote the use of non-violent approaches to conflict. To further strengthen the governance of the MRCG, the MRCG documents defines mandates and roles between the board and constituent bodies.

Management Structure and Staffing

The Chairman of the Board oversees the day to day operations of the Secretariat.
In the MRCG management structure, there is a management team composed of a Administrative and Finance Officer. The Finance and Administrative Office is the of the Secretariat supported by the Project Officer. The management style of MRCG is based on team efforts, collegiality and consultation.  The decision-making process is inclusive.
The Administrative and Finance Officer is responsible for the day to day administration of the Secretariat, including human resource management, office management and logistics. She is assisted by four support staff: 1 Project Officer; 1 Assistant Project Officer, 1 Management Assistant and 1 Office Assistant.

MRCG attracts highly qualified staff from all over the Country. Within the staffing structure of MRCG, there is a deliberate effort to balance gender and linguistic make-up at the Regional Secretariat. To maintain high quality staff, MRCG envisages offering competitive salary to its staff.


Sierra Leone Association of Journalist (SLAJ)
Department of Mass Communication, Fourah Bay College (FBC, Mass Comm.)
Independent Media Commission (IMC)
Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC)
Guild of Newspapers Editors (GoNE)
Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL)
Independent Radio Network (IRN)
Sierra Leone Reporters Union (SLRU)
Cotton Tree News(CTN)

Board Members

The Board is the highest governing body of MRCG. It is made up of distinguished professionals in the areas of journalism, media management, academia, regulation and policy formulation and implementation.
There Board oversees and supervises the national secretariat. The Board members represent their various organisations and they in turn elect the Chairman.

Financial and Corruption Management

A key component in MRCG’s efforts at institutional capacity strengthening is to position the organisation to maintain its reputation and record of solid financial management.  MRCG has in place a regular internal audit system, respects strict budget lines, keeps up with timely liquidations and ensures that appropriate mechanisms are in place to implement sound financial management practice. This is facilitated with the introduction of a new and efficient accounting software system.  
The MRCG financial management procedure is compliant with UNDP and other known international standards and best practices. The financial management system has in-built mechanisms for discipline, transparency and accountability. All financial relations are in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Manual. The Administrative and Finance Officer is responsible for sound financial management practice, ensuring budgets are well prepared, financial statements and supervision of the accounting department are efficiently done, as well as strengthening MRCG Secretariat accounting procedures.

Board Members

Francis Sowa (Board Chairman)
Tonya Musa
Kelvin Lewis
Ahmed Sahid Nasralla
Isaac Massaqoui
Abdulrahman Swarray
Joshua Nicol
James Tamba Lebbie
Donald Theo-Harding
Elais Bangura
Tiana Alpha
Femi Coker
Sahr Mbayo
Amadu Lamrana Bah
Ahmed Sesay
Ransford Wright
Abu Bakarr Kamara
Marian Samu
27 Pademba Road
Freetown, Sierra Leone
+232 76 866 519
+232 75 439 296
+232 99 575 025

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