Pro Democracy

Pro Democracy

Nurturing Sierra Leone's young democracy is a critical part of our objectives. In a transitional democracy like Sierra Leone, the media’s role in the transition to peace and then democracy is critical. This opening provides new opportunities for the media through enhancing their role in the process of socio-political developments.

However, the coverage and reportage of elections by the media has not been done without its own attendant problems. For instance, journalists face the challenge of understanding, covering and reporting on the electoral processes in a professional manner. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has played a key role in providing training on elections reporting, ethics, the law and support for the coverage and reportage on the elections.

We are Fully Involved

By way of our intervention, and in keeping with our pro democracy agenda we have dutifully pursued the following objectives.

Key Objectives

1. Improve ethics of the media through regulatory or self-regulatory mechanisms

2. Strengthen independent allocation of licenses, handling of media complaints, and stimulating an enabling regulatory and political environment for professional and pluralistic media

3. Ensure sustainable and independent public service broadcasting serving all the people of the country

4. Strengthen capacity, professionalism and sustainability of private media organisations and practitioners
1. To train of journalists, editors and station managers in conflict sensitive reporting.
2. To enable journalists, editors and station managers appreciate the need to engage in conflict sensitive reporting during the 2018 elections.

3. To increase the knowledge and capacity of journalists in reporting on electoral processes including nominations, manifestoes, campaigns, voting, counting and announcement of elections.  

4. To enable participants to avoid publishing and broadcasting hate messages and fake news

5. To expose the participants to the ethical guidelines on reporting elections in the IMC Code of Practice.

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